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The diversification of energy supply sources in our region has been one of the key factors in the consecutive Energy Plans of Navarre.

However, before the first Energy Plan was drawn up (in 1995), the Government of Navarre had already made the provision of efficient and environmentally-friendly energy sources to the population a priority.

Sodena's participation in Gas Navarra in 1998 was an effective response to this requirement, as the company was committed to a programme of strategic gasification for the region, both for domestic and industrial/commercial use. Gas Navarra offered a modern, clean energy source that was less polluting than others such as diesel or coal: Natural gas. This source was not very well known among the population at the time, so an extensive and effective information and training campaign was launched to inform citizens about the advantages of natural gas.

During the two decades that Sodena invested in Gas Navarra it gradually reduced its participation in a planned manner as the different gasification targets were met. The process was culminated in 2008, when Sodena withdrew. At the time, in line with the established policy, Sodena received a dividend of 7 million euros.

Apart from the good economic results contributed by the company, its work involved excellent levels of gasification. Indeed, in 2008 around 80% of the population of Navarre was able to link up – if it wished – to natural gas supplies. Nowadays the figure stands at over 91%.

Finally, I would highlight the great added value that this project has represented for Navarre as a place to set up new companies with foreign capital.

Carlos Fernández Valdivielso
Managing Director, Sodena

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