• growth venture capital

Financial and strategic support to small and medium-sized companies with growth potential that need investment of more than €400,000 to carry out a series of activities:

  • Progress in the development stages of their products until they reach the market.

  • Organic and inorganic growth through the acquisition of other companies.

  • Integration projects with other companies or businesses.

  • Shareholding handover.

  • International companies looking for a local partner to set up operations.

  • Acquisition of the company by the management (MBO) or of another company (MBI).

The characteristics for Sodena’s participation in projects in the expansion launch phase are:

  • Acquisition of a shareholding between 5% and 45%.

  • Maximum time of permanence: 10 years.

  • Seat on the Board of Directors.

  • Divestment envisaged in the partnership agreement.

  • Possibility of a participative loan that can be converted into capital.

In certain cases, this support can be added to through the concession by Sodena of participative loans that will fulfil the following conditions:

  • An interest rate consisting of a fixed component plus a variable component linked to the company’s business indicators.

  • Subordinated loans.

  • These can be capitalised.


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