• venture capital

Venture capital consists of acquiring a share in the capital of non-listed companies, usually a minority share on a temporary basis.

It is Sodena’s main financial instrument when undertaking investment projects.

Sodena is an active venture capital partner that supports the management of the companies it participates in. It gets involved in decision-making on the Board of Directors and puts its wide network of contacts at the company’s disposal.

Basic Investment Characteristics

  • Implementation of a company/project with a significant impact in Navarra.

  • The developer and the management team work together on the business project.

  • Innovative or differentiating projects that generate economic and social benefits for Navarra.

  • A minority and temporary shareholding in projects.

Venture capital facilitates economic growth, encouraging:

  • Faster growth of companies.

  • Job creation.

  • Investment.

  • Better Innovation and productivity.

  • The internationalisation and globalisation of companies.

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