• Smart specialisation strategy - Navarre S3

The Smart Specialization Strategy - Navarra S3 - is a medium and long term plan that seeks the socio-economic improvement of Navarra through the specialization of its economy in the areas where it has the greatest future prospects.


The Government of Navarra together with companies, universities, technology centres and social institutions, has led the plan. It embraces therefore the governance model of the quadruple helix, which demands the involvement of the most relevant agents and the participation of society.4helix

Navarra S3 aims to boost Navarre's economy in its transformation towards a knowledge economy, with a greater capacity to incorporate technology into its industrial processes, products and services, becoming a more innovative, productive and export oriented economy, while looking for efficiency in the use of natural and energy resources, and for greater social and territorial cohesion.

Smart specialization implies the identification of thematic priorities taking into account the economic, scientific-technological potential and the global competitiveness of the region, and its actors, particularly the companies. Finally, it proposes the use of smart policies focused on these priorities to maximize the potential of the regional development around its areas of specialization.

Navarra S3 defines a shared vision of the future and has 3 main objectives:

  • Greater quality of life, through a system of social cohesion, top level health care and an excellent educational system, as the great strengths of Navarre.
  • Greater prosperity, based on the development of the business and industrial fabric, integrating and improving the talent of the people, and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in order to ensure that Navarre maintains a high level of competitiveness.
  • Greater sustainability, respecting and enhancing the natural environment of Navarre, protecting natural resources and promoting their efficient use in order to maintain and improve environmental quality.




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